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Volcano cruise thirassia-oia

The buss will drive you to the port of Athinios, in order to embark your vessel, from there your cruise will start. Relax at the wooden deck and admire the volcanic formations of the caldera as the ship sails. First stop the Volcano. Follow your escort up the crater of the volcano and view it’s magnificent formation as well as the sulfate gases bursting from the center of the earth. Return to the ship for a refreshing stop at the Hot Springs. Swim in the green-brown, warm waters saturated with sulfates from the volcano. The ship approaches the coast but cannot dock due to the volcanic formations. Non experienced swimmers are advised either to wait at the ship during the stop or ask for a life jacket before they attempt to swim till the Hot Springs.

Next stop, the beautiful island of Thirassia. Before the eruption that created the caldera the island use to be part of a main land called Strogili. The remaining ruins of that land in the form of separated islands nowadays stand at the outskirts of the caldera silent witnesses of the violet volcanic eruption that drove them apart. Santorini, Aspronisi and Thirassia are three parts of the once existing Strogili. The rest of the island was either blown away by the volcano or sink at the bottom of the caldera.

Nothing in the peaceful island of Thirassia betrays it’s violent past. Enjoy your time in the beautiful port swimming in the crystal clear water or eating in the traditional restaurants. You can alsoclimb the stairs up the city to take another view of Santorini (optionally you can take a donkey ride to go up and down the city).

Final stop the port of Oia. The guests choosing to return from Athinios port or disembark there.

Choosing to return back to Athinios port you will have the chance to take a few pictures from the beautiful small port of Amoudi as well as the city of Oiafrom another point of view (sea level). The ship willthen sail back to Athinios Port and after another close look at the volcanic formations of the caldera it will return to the port where the busses will be waiting to return the guests to their hotels. (This type of excursion doesn’t include sunset).

For the guests who choose the version with Oia sunset, the trip after the disembarkation in the port of Ammoudi (Oia) continues on foot or with donkeys. They will have to walk up the stairs and reach the top of the city. There after a small stroll in the picturesque city they can witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

After the sunset the bus will await for them at the parking of Oia in order to return them to their hotels.

Volcano entrance fees 2,50€ is NOT included.

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